Welcome, Dr. Flores!

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Greetings to all our patients and friends!

This is Dr. Ward with some exciting news about the future of Ward Family Dental, PC! But let’s start with some history first. About 3 years ago, I made the decision to actively grow my practice by bringing in an additional dentist to better serve the needs of this area of west Texas.

With this in mind, I:

• Changed the name of the practice from my name to Ward Family Dental, PC
• Spent a year seriously planning the facility expansion and arranging financing for the project
• Spent a year in construction mode (thank you for your patience!)
• Researched, bought and installed what I think is the finest dental equipment available

Throughout the entire three years, I have been searching for an excellent, ethical and personable dentist to join our team. I have interviewed many and had several come to visit the community and practice. Thanks to all my staff and our patients, I have a practice that many people have had an interest in joining.

Interesting, I had the most interest in coming to a small city in west Texas from dentists originally trained in other countries. My personal physician was originally trained in the Philippines, so I know that many excellent health care providers train in their home countries and then train again in the U.S. to practice here. Dentally speaking, it is highly competitive for foreign doctors to be admitted to the very few American universities that offer an American dental degree (Doctor of Dental Surgery) to them.

I am thrilled to announce that a young woman dentist, Dr. Alejandra Flores, has moved to Big Spring with her husband from Buffalo, New York, where she received her American DDS degree. Her short biography is on the “About Us” page and I urge you to read it. I joke that she is the dental daughter I never had. She is about the same age as my daughters, and like them, she is very nice, very talented and very smart!

Dr. Flores will be joining us in early July. She is early in her career, so initially she won’t be providing every service that I do, but she hasn’t had 30 years in the practice of dentistry the way I have. That said, she is probably smarter than I ever was and will be quickly expanding her repertoire of excellence. I feel certain you will come to appreciate her as a person and as a skilled dentist.


David L. Ward, DDS