After initial periodontal therapy is complete, whether through laser surgery (LANAP) or non-surgical (scaling and root planning), it is vitally important for periodontal maintenance to be maintained. Multiple studies have shown that periodontal patients (those who have lost bone around their teeth due to gum disease) have a much better chance of preventing further damage if maintenance is done every 3 months.

A maintenance visit is accomplished by one of our talented hygienists. It requires no local anesthesia (numbing) and is not unpleasant. The hygienist cleans the plaque and tarter off above the gumline but also gently remove any that accumulates below the gumline. The heavy tarter below the gumline has already been removed with local anesthesia, so this is not difficult. The maintenance visit also includes more record keeping so we can detect if any further damage to the gums or bone is occurring.

Please note that in addition to tooth loss often resulting in dentures, periodontal disease is associated with higher rates of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, dementia, pneumonia, erectile dysfunction, and even a few types of cancers. It is important for your dental health, and your health in general, to manage periodontal disease.

If you are concerned about the health of your gums and would like to schedule an appointment for periodontal maintenance in Big Spring, Texas, contact Ward Family Dental, PC at 432-267-1677 today. A member of our team will help you plan your visit with our dentists, Dr. David L. Ward and Dr. Robert Bailey.

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