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Headaches - See An NTI Dentist

Do you suffer the agony of migraine headaches? How about frequent tension headaches?

Do you swallow tons of over the counter pain relievers or even expensive prescription medications?

Believe it or not, headache prevention is found for many with NTI dentists.

So what can some dentists do to prevent migraines and tension headaches? The answer is

NTI therapy, which involves sleeping with a small, specially designed “night guard” on the front teeth.

How does that help? The NTI appliance has been featured on “Good Morning America” and other news media. It works by greatly reducing clenching of the teeth while sleeping.

Is clenching bad? Yes! Clenching doesn’t usually harm the teeth or jaw joints the way teeth grinding does. It does, however, promote headaches in many people. Physicians are even starting to inject Botox frequently into the main clenching muscles to paralyze time in order to reduce clenching in migraine sufferers.

How bad is it? Studies show that many migraine sufferers clench up to 14 times more intensely at night than normal. It is hard to imagine not having main under those circumstances.

How does the NTI work? Do this experiment. Put your hands on the sides of your head and clench. You feel the temporalis muscles (your main clenchers) bulge. Now, put a wooden pencil between your front teeth and clench. The temporalis muscles won’t budge because a reflex won’t let you bite hard when only your front teeth are touching.

How about daytime subconscious clenching? A daytime (more cosmetic) NTI is often used for about two months to break the habit.

Is it really that easy to prevent headaches? For many people, yes! The NTI is FDA approved and patented. In one study, 82% of migraine sufferers reported improvement with the NTI. How much improvement? The 82% reported an average of 77% fewer headaches.

Where can I learn more about NTI’s? Go to the website at

In closing, I love to do NTI therapy. It literally changes people’s quality of life. I have many patients that report improvement the first night. They have reduced their pain, their pain reliever usage, and their medical bills. It won’t help everyone, but it is fairly easy to tell who will benefit. Please talk to an NTI dentist soon!

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