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Gentle Laser Therapy For Gum Disease Is Here

Do you have any of the warning signs of dental gum and bone disease? The old term for this condition was pyorrhea, but now days it’s referred to as periodontal disease or periodontitis. This is the most common reason people end up in dentures and it can be contagious through close contact.

The warning signs are persistent bad breath, gums that bleed easily, gums that are red and swollen or have pulled away from the teeth, loose or separating teeth, a change in the bite or in the fit of a partial.

Periodontitis destroys the bone around the teeth. Up to now the best treatment for moderate to severe periodontitis has involved traditional surgical techniques. These can be helpful, but there are several undesired consequences including pain, swelling, and exposed and sensitive roots. Many people balk at having gum surgery done because of these.

The great news is that there is now a new FDA approved treatment that is proven effective and essentially eliminates the undesired consequences. Laser Periodontal

Therapy (also called Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) is a patented, gentle laser procedure that is indeed a quantum leap in the treatment of periodontitis.

A good way to think about “LANAP” is to think about what “LASIK” has done for eye surgery. Very precise and sophisticated procedures can be done with the laser that just weren’t able to be done with a blade. In addition, there is very little discomfort afterward.

To date, there are only a few hundred dentists in the nation (and world)that are trained and equipped to offer this procedure. This laser and procedure were developed by two research dentists in the Los Angeles area who are personally training and licensing general dentists and periodontists to perform it. I was privileged to go to Los Angeles for training last fall.

If you are over 40 and haven’t been examined for periodontitis in recent years, please see a dentist for an exam! Usually by the time symptoms are obvious, the disease is moderate or severe. If you know you have periodontitis, and you want to consider LANAP laser therapy, I can mail you some information or you can stop by the office and privately watch an informative video on the subject. You can also visit the patient section of

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