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Dental Mini-Implants: Practical and Affordable


Dental Mini-Implants: Practical and Affordable

Most people know that dental implants are by far the best way to replace missing teeth.

They replace the tooth, preserve the surrounding bone, and don’t decay. There are three main reasons that many people do not utilize dental implants…not enough bone, not enough health, or not enough money.

There is exciting news in the world of dentistry that helps overcome each of these problems. Small Diameter Implants (also called SDI’s or Mini-implants) have opened the world of implant dentistry to many people who could not consider it before.

Small Diameter Implants were pioneered by a New York dentist, Dr. Victor Sendax and a dental implant manufacturer named Imtec. They are made of the same strong, biocompatible titanium metal that is used for artificial joints elsewhere in the body.

Unlike regular dental implants (about as big around as a pencil), Mini-implants are a little bigger than a wooden toothpick in diameter.

Due to their small size, Mini-implants are placed with a minimally invasive technique that usually causes no swelling and almost no post operative discomfort. The area is numbed and the mini-implant is threaded into place usually without even and incision.

Now how do these Small Diameter(Mini) Implants solve problems? Too little health? Regular implants, because they involve more surgery and more healing, require a reasonably healthy patient who doesn’t smoke to have a good prognosis. Mini-implants involve such minimal surgery and healing that they can be done for patients who couldn’t have regular implants…even patients on blood thinners.Too little bone? From the minute a tooth is removed, its supporting bone starts shrinking away. After a few years, there is often not enough bone to place regular implants without extensive and expensive bone grafting procedures. Mini-implants require much less bone to successful anchor into, so bone grafting is rarely needed. This saves time, money, and discomfort.

Too little money? Mini-implants usually cost about half what standard size implants cost. That means that a missing tooth can even be replaced for less than what a bridge costs! And denture stabilization is affordable for most.

Small Diameter (Mini) Implants have been used for over a decade to stabilize dentures and they are a real blessing to those who have them.

Now with the ability to use Mini-implants to replace teeth individually or in groups, a whole new day of affordable implant dentistry has dawned…a new day of easy, economical, and cosmetic tooth replacement. Dr David Ward practices dentistry in Big Spring. He is immediate past president of the

Permian Basin District Dental Society and is a member of the American and Texas Dental Associations, Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the Academy of GP Orthodontics, and the Institute of Advanced Laser Dentistry.

Big Spring Dentist | Dental Mini-Implants: Practical and Affordable. David Ward is a Big Spring Dentist.